(JRCIET) is a regional quarterly refereed educational journal, Sponsored by the Association of Arab Educators (AAE), ISSN: 2356-9107

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Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Vol .3 , No. 1 January, 2017

Vol .3 , No. 1 January, 2017
    "A Training Program based on Standards for teacher competence in the educational assessment to Improve Geography Pre-Service Teachers’ Cognitive and Skills Competencies of Formative Assessment."

    "The Effect of Vlogging on Developing Tour Guidance Students’ EFL Presentation Skills and Reflective Thinking."

    "Efficacité d’utilisation de l’apprentissage autorégulé dans le développement de quelques compétences de l’écriture persuasive auprès les étudiants de la section de français à la faculté de pédagogie."

    "The Effects of Corpus-based Activities on EFLUniversity Students’ Grammar and Vocabulary and Their Attitudes toward Corpus."

    "Using Six Hats’ Strategy In Enhancing Supervisory Skills Of Efl Counsellors And Their Intellectual Flexibility."

   "Development of Core Mathematics Courses in light of CCP Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)."

    "Employing Facebook in Knowledge and Skill Achievement in Basics of Communication Systems for Computer Science Section Students."

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